Traditional Dance Tunes

By The Hollow Rock String Band

  1. Kitchen Girl
  2. Clog
  3. Dinah
  4. Richmond Cotillion
  5. Hog-Eyed Man
  6. John Brown’s March
    Green Fields Of America
    Hop Light Ladies
  7. Jawbones
  8. Betty Likens
  9. Cabin Creek
  10. Folding Down The Sheets
  11. Money Musk
  12. Devil On A Stump
  13. Over The Waterfall
  14. Fiddler’s Drunk And The Fun’s All Over

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“The Hollow Rock String Band: Traditional Dance Tunes”

Alan Jabbour - fiddle ( )
Tommy Thompson - banjo
Jim Watson - guitar, mandolin, autoharp
Sandy Bradley - piano & guitar

County, 1997 ~ 15 tracks of very enjoyable old-time music, LP, cassette, CD…

Roots of the Red Clay Ramblers - The Hollow Rock String Band
The Hollow Rock String Band: Traditional Dance Tunes

Biography by Eugene Chadbourne:

Re: Traditional Dance Tunes

The Hollow Rocks were one of the first fiddle albums I bought.
Later, became a big fan of the Ramblers. Have the first copy sold of
"Twisted Laurel" (autographed by them @ Godfrey Daniels, Bethlehem, Pa
USA. Thanks for the reminder !

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Re: Traditional Dance Tunes

"Hop Light Ladies" is the well-known tune ( Niel Gow) "Mrs Macleod of Raasay", here played fast and very pleasantly by this band. At least one other Scottish tune on this album which I can recommend as an excellent band for dancing to. The band was playing in the late 1960s and I think the cd is a reissue (I bought it from a shelf of discontinued cds from the Library of Birmingham about 2 years ago). I have enjoyed listening to this band and am sorry that in the 21st century they are no longer playing together!