By Martin Simpson, Andy Cutting, Nancy Kerr

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  1. Dark Swift And Bright Swallow
  2. Richmond Cotillion
  3. Dark Honey
  4. Fair Rosamund
  5. Gather The Owls
    Train On The Island
  6. Toy Soldiers
  7. Cruel Mother
  8. Seven Years
  9. The Plains Of Waterloo
  10. Lads Of Alnwick
  11. Not Even The Ground
    Two Ladies
  12. Some Old Salty

One comment

"Martin Simpson, Andy Cutting, Nancy Kerr: Murmurs"

Topic Records, 2015

I’ll have to leave comment for others. We haven’t this album. I’d heard and quite enjoyed their take on "The Richmond Cotillion" and since that tune had been added to the database, without many recordings linked to it, and I’d seen other tunes I know on the track list, I’ve added it for those links.