Last Orders

By Liz Doherty

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Last Orders

This is a great album. Really lively energetic playing from Liz who is joined by Ryan MacNeil on piano, Ian Carr on guitar and Gino Lupari on Bodhran. A wide range of tunes from Scotland, Cape Breton and Ireland played with a rhythmic Donegal style with biting doublets and triplets. The tunes played are traditional, composed by friends, many by well known musicians and picked up on her travels, and she does them justice. Highlights for me include tracks 1 (fast with unusual melodies with a hint of eastern europe), 2 (laid back jigs including the first from Jennifer Wrigley), 5 where there is a great version of crabs in the skillet, and an appearence from Tony McManus on track 6. There is also a solo track and an appearence from Clare McLaughlin. Well worth a listen.

Those scrunchy triplets on the first set alone are worth the price of admission! I really like the variety in the backing too. This one is growing on me with every listen.