Robbie Greig and Friends

By Robbie Greig and Friends

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  1. The Ale Is Dear
    The Steampacket
    Marion Campbell Of Benbecula
  2. Cuz Teahan’s
    Inns’ Dhomhs’ Càil Thu Cadal
    Johnny O’Leary’s
  3. Greim Na Mara
  4. Nora Crionna
    Pòsaidh Beathag An Ceàrd
    The Periwig
  5. The Fairest Rose
  6. Highland Jig No. 1
    Ciaran Kelly’s
    Oh! For She Is Comical
  7. Gordon’s
    The Butlers Of Glen Avenue
    Old Woman Tossed Up In A Blanket
  8. Òran Arras
  9. Ribeannan Rìbheach
    Nighean Na Cailliche Crotaiche Crùbaich
    Seallaibh Curaidh Eòghainn
  10. An Phis Fliuch
    Dì-Molaidh An Uisge-Beatha
    The Witch Island
  11. The St. Kilda Wedding
    Splendid Isolation
    Christmas Comes Late

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Re: Robbie Greig and Friends

I don’t really like to advertise particular merchants or anything, but I think you can get it on Bandcamp, some tracks are on SoundCloud, not sure where else. Robbie’s an Edinburgh-based fiddler, who was recently a finalist in BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician and this is his debut album.