In Ireland

By James Galway And The Chieftains

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Kerry Slides

Hi, does anyone the names of the tunes they’re playing at the last track:"Kerry Slides"? I love Them, but I can’t find any sheetmusic of them!

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The Television programme

If you can get to see the television programme associated with this recording it’s quite entertaining. There is clearly some "tension," particularly between the two flute players. I think it’s a shame when traditional musicians criticise classical players, they have fantastic technique and can play anything the notation requires, but, Mr Galway clearly misses the point at one stage, offering to play something completely obvious when that’s just not the issue. Matt Molloy also makes a clear point at the slow start of one tune, bending notes and changing tone colour to put a very clear divide between his wooden flute and the shiny Boehm flute.