The Quiet Glen

By Tommy Peoples

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  1. Jocelyn’s waltz
    My Granny’s Hieland Hame
  2. Kitty Come Down To Limerick
    Mamore Gap
  3. The Green Fields Of Glentown
    La Cosa Mulligan
  4. The Mouse In The Attic
    The Fat Cat
  5. Hector The Hero
    The Coffin Ships
  6. The Blooming Meadow
    The Rose On The Heather
  7. The Cup Of Tea
    Beautiful Gortree
  8. The Quiet Glen (slow Air)
    The Quiet Glen
    The Gortree
  9. Black Pat’s
    Bonny Kate
  10. Don’t Touch That Green Linnet
  11. Mayor Harrison’s Fedora
    The Bird On The Bush
  12. The Green Fields Of America
    The Battering Ram
  13. The First Day Of Spring
    The Kinnycally Klansmen

Eleven comments

The Quiet Glen/An Gleann Ci

I believe the correct name of the first tune on Track 10 is “Don’t touch that green Linnet” - that is the name on the cd sleeve and printed on the cd itself.


The second tune on track 10 is correctly titled ‘Doolish’, after the highest peak of the Derryveagh Mountains in Donegal. It’s incorrectly printed on the CD itself, so an easy mistake to make.

track 13b
The Kinnycally Klansmen

?? surely a bit sinister?!

Well I just bought this.

Wow. Phenomenal.

Sorry, Robert, but you’re incorrect on three counts. Firstly, the highest peak in the Derryveagh Mountains is Errigal not ‘Doolish’. Secondly, there is no ‘Doolish’ Mountain in that range, but there is a Dooish. Lastly, Tommy’s title is actually referring to the Dooish Mountain which lies not far from his birthplace of St. Johnston (see link below).

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Still phenomenal 1 month later 🙂

Re: The Quiet Glen

The homepage link just above is dead too.

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Re: The Quiet Glen

Hi All
Does anyone have any intention of putting in the Gortree Jig that
is played on Track 8 after The Quiet Glen jig which also needs doing.
I wish I could do it but music notation is not my big suit.

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