Little Black Book

By Andrea Beaton

  1. Radio Edit
  2. For Grandma
    The Cubby House
    One For The Floor
    Hector On The Krispie Road
    Christa And Jarrod Get Hitched
  3. Home County
    Caroline Of Galway
    The Social Network
  4. Kaitlin Heaves The Chains
  5. Festival Of Small Halls
    Weegie Martini
  6. Bear Creek
    Criminal Minds
    For Liz Carroll
  7. Crowded Thoughts
    The Water Boiling Machine
  8. Crumbs
    Intro To Allonzo’s Double Dark
    The Squeeze Machine
  9. A Terrible Beauty
    Jim And Michele’s Celtic Retreat
    Grandma On The Keys
  10. Jolene And Wayne’s

Two comments

Re: Little Black Book

A might talented fiddler. I just saw Andrea perform last night in an intimate venue (I was not even 10 feet away) in a trio with Dick Hensold (pipes, whistle and recorder, referred to as the bagpile) and Dan McGraw (guitar). They were awesome; I really enjoyed it.

She played a number of her own compositions, some on this CD and talked about the inspiration for some of the tunes she writes.

Also, she now has a tunebook of her compositions from the Branches CD.

Re: Little Black Book

Sorry, misspelled the guitarist name, Dean Magraw!