By Jim McGrath, Cathal Hayden, Gerry O’Donnell, Tommy O’Sullivan

  1. Paddy’s Trip to Scotland
    The Curragh Races
    The Street Piper
  2. Gan Ainm
    Neil Gowe’s Wife
  3. The Rocks of Bawn
  4. Sunset on the Erne
    Memories of Beilefeld
  5. The Plains of Boyle
    Fred Finn’s
    The Noon Lassies
  6. Paddy’s Rambles through the Park
  7. Contentment is Wealth
    Lannigan’s Ball
    Gan Ainm
  8. The Dark Haired Lass
    Gan Ainm
  9. The Maids of Culmore
  10. The House
    The Shoemaker’s Daughter
    The Ivy Leaf

Four comments


A lovely variety of music. ‘Paddy’s Rambles In the Park’ being my personal favourite. Gerry O’Donnell plays a beautiful and emotive rendition here, accompanied by Tommy O’Sullivan.

It’s a lovely album but I think they use too much reverb on some tracks.

The Gan Ainm on track 2 is called "Peggy on the Settle" which I posted a while ago.