By Luke Daniels

  1. Patsy Denning’s Favourite
    Jason O’Rourke’s Farewell To Oxford
    The Wrong Trousers
  2. Musette à Teresa
  3. The Golden Eagle
  4. Don’t Touch That Green Linnet
    Jocelyn’s Tree
  5. The King Of Prussia
  6. Baby, Isle Of Ewe
    The Snoring Barber
  7. Wednesday’s Tune
  8. Bandolim
  9. Badinerie
  10. The Wounded Hussar
  11. The Steeplechase
    The Red Crow
    Marco Pollier’s
  12. Tarantella Sonata

Two comments

“Luke Daniels & friends: Tarantella”

Acoustic Records, Reading, Berkshire, England, 1994 - CDACS 023

The musicians:
Luke Daniels - button accordion, bodhrán
Ian Carr - guitar
Phil Fentimen - double bass, classical guitar
Teresa Heanue - fiddle
Frank Kilkelly - guitar
Chris Newman - guitar
Brian Willcocks - piano
Bob Winquist - viola
Simon Mayor - mandolin, mandola, mandocello, guitar, violin, bass guitar

Luke Daniels ~ (Notes from the insert for this recording)

Luke Daniels began playing the bodhrán at the age of eight. GRowing up in a family of traditional musicians he was given his first accordeon on his tenth birthday, and within a few months was playing the vast repertoire of Irish tunes that had become so familiar since early childhood. He was soon exploring beyond the Irish tradition into French musette, World, and classical music. His renditions of Paganiin and Bach stunned the small local music fraternity and by 1992, at the age of eighteen, his innovative playing style and clear mastery of the instrument won him the coveted ‘BBC Young Tradition Award’. As a result he appeared on national TV and radio, his hour long showcase programme being repeated due to popular demand. He subsequently appeared on Irish and Swiss national television and went on to an acclaimed appearance at the ‘Philadelphia Folk Festival’ - a storming success both in the U.S. and the U.K., where the show was carried by the BBC.

Luke Daniels plays a Saltarelle B/C button accordion, his unique sound deriving from the unison tuning of the reeds.

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This was also available on cassette - ACS C023