Banished Misfortune

By The Peelers

  1. Dalesman’s Litany
  2. Old Woman In Cotton
  3. Ramblin’ Robin
  4. Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore
  5. Bleacher Lassie
  6. Broken Down Squatter
  7. Night Before Larry Was Stretched
  8. Banished Misfortune
  9. Spancil Hill
  10. Schoolday’s End

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Re: The Peelers

Classic 1972 recording from Tom Madden, Jim Younger and Joe Palmer. I seem to remember Kevin Burke helped out in a few places. Anyone in possession of a digital version, by chance??

Re: Banished Misfortune

Hi Dougal - this was one of the first "folk" albums I ever bought. It’s on the "Polydor" label, and is very rare. There are 4 copies for sale on eBay at the moment, priced from £75 [ cheapest ] to £195 [ ridiculous - it’s not that good ]. I sold my copy years ago, but may still have at least some if not all of the tracks saved to cassette tape.
It is a record I always liked, and I had been meaning to post it myself - don’t recall Kevin Burke being involved, but you may be right. Watch out for a PM - maybe I can help with your request. Kenny

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Re: Banished Misfortune

Much appreciated Kenny.
As I recall, both Kevin Burke and Mick O’Connor added instrumentals with them back in the day - it is indeed possible neither of them went into the studio for that recording.