Ireland’s Whistling Ambassador

By Micho Russell

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An Essential CD for Every ITM Musician

This is a collection of 22 tracks of the late Irish whistling legend Micho Russell playing and singing unaccompanied. Micho Russell was known for his unique "concertina style" of whistle playing—heavily articulated, sparsely embellished, with a swinging, rocking feel to it. He focused on the beauty of the melody and had an uncanny knack for bringing out each tune’s essential qualities. This compilation serves as a terrific introduction this legendary performer’s music.

I especially love Russell’s version "The Mason’s Apron." It’s fun and interesting, and one of the few versions where this tune is not played in the same kind of hell-bent for tacos and Tabasco treatment that it usually receives. I don’t have anything against fast playing, mind you—I love it just as much as the next guy. However, there is just something about taking time out once in awhile to smell the roses, and this wonderful album provides an entire garden of full-bloomed delights.

I bouht this album a day or two ago. It’s absolutely awesome!

Clare Library ~ "Micho’s Dozen"

Bless them and Tom Munnelly for this online resource…

"Micho’s Dozen: Traditional Songs from the Repertoire of Micho Russell, Doolin, Co. Clare"

‘Micho’s Dozen’ was published by the Ennistymon Festival of Traditional Singing. The notes accompanying the songs were written by Tom Munnelly.

5.) "Bonaparte’s Retreat"

Track 5 is the set dance "Bonaparte’s Retreat"…

Track 13 ~ "The Road to Galway" / gan ainm ("Micho’s March")

"Micho’s March" / Polka
Key signature: D Major (& A Mixolydian)
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Micho Russell of Fishguard Lane

"Micho Russell: Traditional Irish Music From County Clare"

"The Russell Family Of Doolin, County Clare"

"Micho Russell: The Limestone Rock"

"Micho Russell: The Man From Clare"

"The Totally Traditional Tin Whistle" ~ various including Micho

"Irish Whistles" ~ various including Micho


The above list aside Micho was featured on a number of lps of the ‘Irish Folk Festival’ tours that travelled Germany. Micho took part in the tours a number of times during the 1970s and is features on two or three of the recordings. I think these have been re-issued on CD at one point or other but I don’t know about the availability.

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