Hollow Lands and Hilly Lands

By Philip Doddy

Added by DavieD .
  1. Johnny McGreevy’s Favourite
    The Edenderry
  2. South Sligo Nocturne
  3. Luachrán’s
    Out On The Ocean
  4. Mickey Finn’s Air
  5. The Humours Of Scariff
    The Porthole In The Kelp
  6. The Bonny Broom
  7. Martin Wynne’s #1
    Martin Wynne’s #2
  8. The Road To Bannow
    Maud Miller
  9. My Bonny Blue-Eyed Lassie
  10. The One That Was Lost
    The Robin’s Nest
  11. Farewell To Milltown Malbay
    The New Road
  12. Tiny Fish For Japan
  13. The Ballinacarrow
  14. The Bunch Of Green Rushes
    Sporting Nell
  15. An Buachaill Caol Dubh