Copley Street

By Nathan Gourley and Joey Abarta

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Re: Copley Street

This is fantastic new album from two of my good friends, who also happen to be two of the finest irish traditional musicians around. They’re based in Boston, but both transplants from elsewhere. They’re joined by Owen Marshall who is backing them on bouzouki on most of the tracks.

The CD is a mix of concert pitch and flat pitch (D and B respectively), about half and half.

They have a website:
and the CD is available from:

There are some very nice tracks on this album (who am I kidding, every track is very nice), but some of my favourite moments are the first track and the transition between the jig marches on track 13.

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First tune in track 16, The [wrong] Old

First tune in track 16 is wrongly linking to the reel “The Old”, but should be linking to the waltz of that name, at
Great video of this set at

suggesting what can happen to unwary dancers when when tunes in a set change type, in this case from waltz to barndance/hornpipe (around 2:12) and then to reel. ‘Suggesting’ rather than showing as there’s only a brief moment of the actual wrong-footing shown, but rather more of the musicians’ amusement at whatever is happening on the dance floor.

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Re: Copley Street

Track 16 tune 1 now linking correctly to the waltz (courtesy of new ‘edit’ facility, cheers Jeremy)

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