The Russell Family Of Doolin, County Clare

By Miko Russell, Pakie Russell And Gussie Russell

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  1. Campbell’s
  2. The Heather Breeze
    The Traveller
  3. St. Kevin Of Glendalough
  4. The Potlick
    The Peeler’s Jacket
  5. The Five Mile Chase
  6. Russell’s
  7. The Poor Little Fisher Boy
  8. The Walls Of Liscarrol
    The Battering Ram
  9. Garret Barry’s
  10. Tommy Glenny’s
  11. The Connemara Stockings
    The Westmeath Hunt
  12. When Musheen Went To Bunnan
  13. Tatter Jack Walsh
  14. The De’il Among The Tailors
  15. The Roscrea Cows
  16. The Fair Haired Boy
    The Black Haired Lass
  17. Off To California
  18. Give The Girl Her Fourpence
  19. Nora Daly

Six comments

Re: Russell Family

Recorded in O’Connor’s Bar, Doolin Co. Clare. January 1974. Topic records 1975. Green Linnet 1993. Miko (flute,whistle,vocals); Paki (concertina); Gussie (whistle).

“The Clare Set” ~ #1

The definitive 6-CD archive of Concertina Traditions of Co Clare

1.) “The Russell Family”

2.) “Bernard O’Sullivan & Tommy McMahon: Clare Concertinas”
Free Reed Records & Music ~ FCLAR 02

3.) “Chris Droney: The Flowing Tide”
Free Reed Records & Music ~ FCLAR 03

4.) “John Kelly: Irish Traditional Concertina & Fiddle Music”
Free Reed Records & Music ~ FCLAR 04

5.) “Tommy McMahon & Bernard O’Sullivan: Irish Traditional Concertina Music of County Clare”
Free Reed Records & Music ~ FCLAR 05

6.) “Irish Traditional Concertina Styles”
Free Reed Records & Music ~ FCLAR 06

All 6 recordings include EXTRA TRACKS the LPs do not have!!!

They are marvelous!!! ~ Highly recommended!!! 🙂

“The Russell Family Of Doolin, County Clare” ~ RE-RELEASED!!!

The extra tracks are:
20: The Humours of Bandon
21:Leather Away the Wattle
22:Drowsie Maggie /Pigeon on the Gate
23:Bucks of Oranmore
24:Boyne Hunt
25:Clogher Rose (Mary McMahon’s)/The Swallowtail
26:Tom Tadgell (The Beggar’s Song)