Go Mairir I Bhfad _ Long Life To You

By Zoë Conway and John McIntyre

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  1. Heath And Bernie’s
    Half Day Road
    Reel For Jim DeWan
  2. Ríl Zoë
  3. Kilkenny Station
    Lally’s Fancy
  4. April In Roundstone
  5. Trip To Gort
  6. Capaillín Dubh Ina Thaibhreamh
  7. Bóthar Na Sop
  8. One For Sorrow, Two For Joy
  9. Cathair Geal
  10. Lago Puelo
    Twenty Two
  11. Moonbeams
  12. New End

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Re: Go Mairir i Bhfad

For their first duo album, released in November 2012, Zoe and John commissioned twelve leading Irish composers to each compose a piece for fiddle and guitar with the aim of collectively presenting a snapshot of traditional Irish music alive today. The renowned composers who took part in the project were Liz Carroll, Steve Cooney, Frankie Gavin, Andy Irvine, Charlie Lennon, Donal Lunny, Máirtín O’Connor, Peadar Ó Riada, Mícheál Ó Súilleabhán, Tommy Peoples, Niall Vallely and Bill Whelan.

Re: Go Mairir I Bhfad _ Long Life To You

In order :
Track # 1 - composer Liz Carroll
2 - Peadar O’Riada
3 - Frankie Gavin
4 - Bill Whelan
5 - Mairtin O’Connor
6 - Steve Cooney
7 - Michael O’Suilleabhan
8 - Tommy Peoples
9 - Niall Vallely
10 - Andy Irvine
11 - Charlie Lennon
12 - Donal Lunny

Track #8 has two tunes , a slow air followed by a reel, but only 1 title given.

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Re: Go Mairir I Bhfad _ Long Life To You

Having just listened to all of this, I have to say that after the first 3 tracks, it’s downhill all the way. Although you can’t fault the playing by Conway and McIntyre, the music after track 3 does nothing for me at all, with the exception of Tommy Peoples’ reel on track 8.
Disappointing because of the material, and I couldn’t in all honesty recommend it.
“a snapshot of traditional Irish music alive today”. I happily believe that that is not the case.

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