Wick to Wickham

By Gordon Gunn

  1. Woodlea Mount
    The Earl’s Chair
  2. Money, Stories, Fame. Stuff
    Boy On A Headland
  3. Ardessie
  4. Fleur De Mandragore
    Over The Moors To Maggie
  5. Atlantic Forest
    Nearly Not
    Colonel Penguin
  6. The Osmosis
    The Grey Coast
  7. Rob Of The Strath
  8. Philip And Marina Anderson Of Springlands
    Lime Hill
    McKinnon’s Brook
    Hamish The Carpenter
  9. Shop Street
  10. Wick To Wickham
    Anna & Bob Rowe Of Plockton
    The Black Stairs

Two comments

Re: Wick to Wickham

Just purchased this album and listening to it for the first time. Absolutely lovely fiddle playing.

I also purchased the Gordon Gunn Band’s first album Shoreside a couple of days ago; Chris Haigh recommended it on his website where he discusses notable modern Scottish fiddlers. Very distinctive style. Liked it so much I am looking for whatever else Gordon Gunn has recorded.

Re: Wick to Wickham

From the Gordon Gunn website:

Musicians: Gordon Gunn – fiddle, Brian McAlpine – keyboards and accordion, Phil Anderson – guitar on tracks 1,2,3,4,5,8, Marc Clement – guitar on tracks 6,7,9,10, David ‘Chimp’ Robertson – snare and percussion, Tim Edey – melodeon, Marc Duff – whistle, Gordon Gunn – bass