Scraping ‘n’ Scratching

By Bernie Stocks

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"A practice tape of traditional Irish fiddle music made for a friend. Just me, the kitchen and the digital recorder, warts and all. Two sessions, the second more scratchy than the first. I have been really lazy about the names of the tunes."

released September 30, 2013

"Bernie Stocks has been picking, scraping and strumming various musical objects for far longer than is really necessary."

Re: Scraping ‘n’ Scratching

I came across this album on Bandcamp about a year ago, while browsing on keywords "Irish" and "traditional". I really enjoyed listening to it, then couldn’t find it again afterwards and forgot about it. Until last week.

I know nothing about Bernie other than that he lives in Belfast and is far too modest and self-deprecating about his fiddling. Which I think has a great bounce and flow to it: a real savouring of the shape of each tune. Yes, a bit scratchy in places, as he says, but no more so than plenty of players we all respect and enjoy.

Re: Scraping ‘n’ Scratching

Bernie lived in Aberdeen for a while in the 1980s, and we played a lot of music together in that time. I haven’t seen him for years, maybe over 20, I think at the Girvan Festival in the South-west of Scotland, when he and a heavy squad from Belfast used to come over for the weekend for the "craic".
He’s a fine player of Irish traditional music, but also had a deep love of American "old-timey" fiddle playing as well. I have a video recording made of a bunch of us playing [ or more accurately, trying to play, ] Irish music at the Keith Traditional Music Festival [ North East of Scotland ] about 30 years ago. If I think any of it’s worth posting, I’ll stick a clip up on "Youtube" in the next few days, just for the sake of history. 🙂
I did post a clip on "Youtube" of Bernie playing with the late Ray Stewart [ RIP ], taken from a local TV programme. Here’s the link :

Aye, they did bring the hay bales into the studio for the "Blue Grass Band" - the standard of Grampian TV at that time.
I also have a photo of a bunch of us playing in the street on the Sunday on a sunny day ! That deserves posting for rarity value alone. Watch this space.

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