Tús Nua

By Gatehouse

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Re: Tús Nua

Gatehouse release their debut CD,Tús Nua. The band line up is JohnMcEvoy (fiddle/viola/piano) Jacinta McEvoy(guitar/concertina) Rachel Garvey(vocals) and John Wynne(flutes/whistles). Guesting on the recording are Cyril O‘Donoghue(Bouzooki) Séamus O’ Kane(bodhrán) and Dónal O‘Connor(piano/harpsichord).This is a great collection of songs and tunes from Roscommon Connamara Ulster and beyond. There are new compositions from John McEvoy - Tús Nua,the title track,and The Girls From The Gatehouse. There are also some nice recent compositions like James Murray’s Jig and Murray’s No.1 from Sligo’s James Murray as well as The Bullock On The Bonnet by Peadar O’’ Ríada. This is a sweet debut recording that is already gaining a lot of plaudits.

Notation links

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