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Moving Cloud

Isn’t it surprising nobody has commented on this lovely recording yet?

Paul Brock (box), Maeve Donnelly (fiddle), Manus McGuire (fiddle), Kevin Crawford (flute), and Carl Hession (piano) get together and play classic tunes, reproducing the sound of old-fashioned ceili bands music.

It’s a shame they don’t play together any more, but P. Brock and M. McGuire recently formed a new group "Brock McGuire Band" inviting some other musicians such as Enda Scahill (banjo, guitar), Fergal Scahill (fiddle, guitar).

Green Linnet, 1995 - GLCD 1150

Sadly Hiro this isn’t the only one of their recordings dropped here without comment…

My first post here. This CD has been one of my favorites for many years. After listening a lot to Burke, Peoples and all my other favorites, its always good to come back to this wonderfull and highly recomendable recording

Re: Moving Cloud, Track 4

Just unlinked from the reel of the same name, but no transcription of the waltz here yet to link to.
A note about the tune from the Fiddler’s Companion at
"VALSE VIRGINIE. French-Canadian, Waltz. Composed by virtuoso accordion player Alfred Montmarquette (1871-1944). Born and raised in New York city, Montmarquette emigrated to Montréal in 1907, where he found success as a musician. By the 1920’s he had established a reputation as a performer and recording artist, although his profligate habits kept him in reduced circumstances and compromised health. A-L 001, Lisa Ornstein & André Marchand – ‘One Fine Summer’s Day/Par un beau Samedi d’ été” (2009).’ "
and a recording of the tune as played by the composer is on YouTube at

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