My Own Style

By Adrian McCarron

  1. Maeve’s
    Jim Donoghue’s
  2. Tell Her I Am
    The Banks Of Newfoundland
  3. Caps And Bells
    The Humours Of Tooma
    Paddy Fahy’s
  4. An Ciarrioch Maillaithe
  5. The Happy Man
    The Silver Spear
  6. The Rambling House
    The Clare
  7. The Boys Of The Lough
    Martin Wynne’s No.3
  8. The West Limerick
    Con Cassidy’s
    Calliope House
  9. The Golden Eagle
    The Peacock’s Feather
  10. Johnny Boyle’s
    Gan Ainm
    The Lark In The Morning
  11. An Chulainn
  12. John Brady’s
    The Swallow’s Tail
    Jenny Dang The Weaver

One comment

Re: My Own Style

An album from whistler Adrian McCarron. It was recorded in 2008 and also features Colm Murphy, Jerry McNamara, and Tim Browne.

I may have to fix some of the tune links on this page, as I simply wrote them as they appeared in the track listing.