Emile’s Dream

By Emile Benoit

  1. Diane’s Happiness
  2. Arriving To St. John’s
    Emile’s Dream
  3. Ryan’s Fancy Arriving
  4. Comfort
    Joe Smallwood’s
  5. Clode Sound
  6. Roaming Scott
  7. Piccadilly Slant
  8. Happiness
  9. Le Sabot
    Gravel Pond
  10. Skeleton
  11. Lightkeeper’s
    Long Point
  12. Michael T. Wall Breakdown
  13. Emile’s Reels
  14. Farewell’s

Two comments

Re: Emile’s Dream

I learned a lot of Emile’s tunes from my friend Colin Quigley who studied his playing, tune writing and stories. Colin wrote his dissertation on Emile: Music from the Heart: Compositions of a Folk Fiddler….it is available for purchase.