When The Prescription Runs Out

By Padraig O’Neill and Ian Kinsella

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Re: When The Prescription Runs Out

This really is quite a fantastic album. Unfortunately the live version I have didn’t come with sleeve notes and i have a kind of aphasia when it comes to remembering tune names - remember the tunes but not always the names. Hopefully, somebody can fill in the tune names - they’re mostly standards like the ‘bucks of oranmore’ in the Bbucks set.

If you like a zesty bit of playing that sounds as if it came from a mighty session or a great gig, this is the CD for you. The musicians are of impeccable pedigree, I believe Padraig has a fiddle All-Ireland to his name. It’s hard balancing out a CD to showcase your playing in 11 sets, but I think they set their stall out well. They’re at their best on driving sets of reels. Of which the Limerick Lasses and the Current Bun set which ends with a cracking version of Eileen Curran are the standout. But they aren’t just good at givin’ it some shtick, there is a fine slow air, a cracking set of jigs (the C & F set), and a solid set of hornpipes finishing with the Rights of Man.

Re: When The Prescription Runs Out

I’ve amended the list above to point at the actual items on The Session. This means the list is no longer as "on the tin". However, this list from TradConnect is:

1. Man On The Hunt - Carthy’s Reel / Foxhunters Reel
2. C & F - Wandering Minstrel Jig / Lost & Found Jig
3. Kiss Me Kate - ? ? ? / Kiss Me Kate Reel
4. The Grafspee - Julia Delaneys Reel / Graf Spey Reel
5. Limerick Lasses - The Limerick Lasses / Martin Wynne’s no.3
6. The Righteous Man - Cronins Hornpipe / The Rights Of Man Hornpipe
7. Limerick Woods - Paddy Fahys no. 9 / The Woods Of Old Limerick / ? ? ?
8. The Bbucks - Boys of Ballosadare Reel / Lucy Cambells Reel / ? ? ?
9. Jugglepunch - The Jug of Punch Reel / The Galway Rambler Reel
10. The Wild Geese - Air
11. Current Bun - Welcome To Shetland / The Steeplechase Reel / Eileen Currans