By Ross Ainslie & Ali Hutton

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  1. Eva’s
  2. Fraser And Rachael’s Wedding
    Ud The Doudouk
  3. Mrs. Jane Kennedy Of St. Anne’s, Methven
  4. Sam I Am
    The Fourth Floor
  5. Chris Grace’s Joy
    Mairi’s Tune
  6. Love At The Loch
    Gibbo’s Number 1
  7. The Long Count
    Gobbi Wan
  8. Sheila And Rick Ruby’s Wedding
    Happy Harry
  9. Elizabeth’s Trip To Perthshire
    Hùg Oiridh Hiridh Hairidh

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Re: Symbiosis
A pipes and whistles affair (and fair stompin in Ballater the night).

Ali Hutton - Highland pipes, whistles, guitar, tenor guitar, harmonium
Ross Ainslie - Border pipes, whistles, cittern, banjo, harmonium
Duncan Lyall - double bass, electric bass, Moog
Martin O’Neill - bodhran
Gus Sicard - pipe band snare drum

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Re: Symbiosis

Congratulations to Ross and Ali - just been awarded "Best Duo Of The Year" 2017 at the Radio 2 "Folk Awards".

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