The Works - Volume 1

By Ivan Drever

  1. Mrs Wylie’s Front Door
  2. The Flower Of Kristiansand
  3. The Fisherman
  4. Kristy Jane Drever
  5. Angelina
  6. Moira McCrossan
  7. Song For Yesterday
  8. 15 Jars O’Rhubarb Jam Rag
  9. The Braes Of Sutherland
  10. The Ballad Of Pirate Gow
  11. I Could Be Good For You
  12. Forget Me Not.
  13. Rose Of St Magnus
  14. The Dark Haired Ruby
  15. Bless The Wind

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Re: The Works - Volume 1

This is the CD which accompanies a songbook just published ‘The Works - Volume 1’
It consists of mainly songs but there are some of Ivan’s great tunes on it too.

It can be purchased by messaging him on his Facebook page here:
or through his website here: