In the Shadow of Stromboli

By The Long Notes

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  1. Beoga On Ice
    Rockin’ The Boat
    The Quebec
  2. JB’s
    The Little Cascade
  3. Solace And Joy
  4. Liz And John’s
  5. Tommy Cohen’s
    The Plain Of Jars
    The Old French
  6. Reflections On Lochcarron
  7. In The Shadow Of Stromboli
    The Trip To Trecastle
  8. Come By The Hills
  9. The Salt
    Captain Sig Of The 2-2-6
  10. Farewell To Uist
    Shove The Pig’s Foot A Little Farther In The Fire
    Viva Galicia

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Re: In the Shadow of Stromboli

Jamie Smith ~ fiddle
Colette O’Leary ~ piano accordion
Brian Kelly ~ banjo, mandolin
Alex Percy ~ guitar, vocals
Adam Holmes ~ guest vocals

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