In the Shadow of Stromboli

By The Long Notes

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  1. Beoga On Ice
    Rockin’ The Boat
    The Quebec
  2. JB’s
    The Little Cascade
  3. Beautiful Gortree
  4. Liz And John’s
  5. The Plain Of Jars Part 1
    The Plain Of Jars Part 2
    The Old French
  6. Reflections On Lochcarron
  7. In The Shadow Of Stromboli
    The Trip To Trecastle
  8. Come By The Hills
  9. The Salt
    Captain Sig Of The 2-2-6
  10. Farewell To Uist
    Shove The Pig’s Foot A Little Farther In The Fire
    Viva Galicia

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Re: In the Shadow of Stromboli

Jamie Smith ~ fiddle
Colette O’Leary ~ piano accordion
Brian Kelly ~ banjo, mandolin
Alex Percy ~ guitar, vocals
Adam Holmes ~ guest vocals

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Re: In the Shadow of Stromboli

2012 release.

The Salt Reel was composed by Nico Brown.

Adam Holmes only sings on track 8

Also present on the album were:

Ali Hutton - guitar;
Duncan Lyall - acoustic bass;
Angus Lyon - piano and keyboards;
Martin O’Neill - bodhrán and percussion;
Barry Reid - electric guitar.

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