Irish Pub Music

By Castle Céilí Band

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I am surprised not to find this album here as I would have sworn that it already existed. In fact it actually exists here, but the traks of 2 albums have been mixed in that compilation (the other album is Sixteen Ninety One, with completely different musicians) :
I corrected some typos and some names (4-Bucks of Oran More, 8-O’Donogue’s March, 7-Jackson’s which is more widely known I think as Westmeath Hunt etc…). This is a production edited on the late breton label Arfolk during the seventies (no date mentionned), on vinyl.
The (short) liner notes says (in french) approximately :
“The Castle Ceili Band exists for twelve years and its members are amateurs. Joe Ryan has been an all-Ireland fiddle champion. He hails from County Clare, as the second fiddler Charlie Lennon. Mick O‘Connor, the band’s leader, plays flute and tin whistle and come from Dublin. Michael Tubridy is one of the most famous irish musicians hailing from Clare too. Finally, Paddy O’Brien, the box player, comes from County Offaly.”
I can be wrong, but I am surprised to read that Charlie is from Clare as I thought he was born in Kiltyclogher, North County Leitrim in July 1938… Surprised too to read that the leader was Mick O’Connor and would have said better that it was James Keane, not credited on those liner notes…

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On the original album side 1 contained the first 7 tracks and side 2 the last 7 tracks.

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As I understand it, Paddy O’Brien replaced James Keane when the latter went to live in the US.