By Andrew Finn Magill

  1. Horizons
  2. Farewell To Vass
    Hello Picadilly
  3. Hilda Harlow
  4. A Beautiful Ending
  5. Mary And Alice
    Dreams Of A City
  6. Coming Home
  7. What Bloomed In April
    The Spud King
    This Will Be
  8. Relapse
  9. December
  10. Shooting Stars

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Re: Branches

Branches is the second disc (the first is Roots) in a concept album series which charts Magill’s musical progression in Irish music. The album’s ten original compositions reflect ten years of musical influences and professional partnerships including those with David Brown (Rising Appalachia), Paul McKenna & Seán Gray (Paul McKenna Band), Colin Farrell (Lúnasa), Grant Gordy (The David Grisman Quintet), Duncan Wickel, Dan Iannucci and Micah Thomas.

Andrew Finn Magill - fiddles, mandolin, low whistles, compositions, arrangements
David Brown - baritone guitar (1, 6)
Seán Gray - guitar (2,5)
Duncan Wickel - cello (3, 7); 5-string fiddle (9)
Paul McKenna - guitar (4,7)
Colin Farrell - fiddle (2)
Grant Gordy - guitar (8)
Daniel Iannucci - acoustic bass (9); electric bass (10)
Micah Thomas - drums (5,9)
Recorded at Hollow Reed Arts - Asheville, NC; The Bunker - Brooklyn, NY
Mixed by Danny Littwin in São Paulo, Brazil
Mastered by G&J Audio in Union City, New Jersey

"About the time I got to the middle of Track 4, I decided I could not listen to "Branches" on my little car’s simple radio anymore… I had to get home to listen to it on the stereo. And why? because "Branches" is wonderful. The tunes Finn’s written are melodic and heartfelt, and the arrangements are gorgeous. Every note, chord, and beat captivates and delights. There’s a globe of influences whittled down here to one fiddler’s vision, and the result is a wonderful perfection of an album."
-Liz Carroll