Cuisle Cheol na bPíob

By Kevin Rowsome

  1. Corney Drew’s
    The Faithful Friend
  2. Tom Rowsome’s
    Crabs In The Skillet
    Paddy’s Green Island
  3. Cuisle Ceoil An Bhlascaoid (The Musical Pulse Of The Blasket Islands)
  4. The Wet Weather
    The Fair Maids Of Ireland
    Welcome To The Country
  5. The Last Of The Twins
    Rogers O’Neill
  6. A Fig For A Kiss
    The Night Before Larry Was Stretched
    The Rakes Of Westmeath
  7. Buachaill Caol Dubh (The Dark Slender Boy)
  8. Un-named (from The MacLean Collection)
  9. The Ace And Deuce Of Piping
  10. The Dougarry Boys
    Yellow Stockings
  11. Lovely Charlie
    Un-named (from The Goodman Collection)
  12. The Very Man
    The Bee In The Bonnet
  13. Cois Abhainn Na Séad (By The River Of Gems)
  14. Rock Of The Quilt
    Cailleach An Dilisg
    Paddy O’Neill
  15. The Pulaski Guards
    The Mummers
    The Wedding Ring

Two comments

Re: Cuisle Cheol na bPíob

A lovely collection of (mostly older) tunes from an exceptionally warm and giving man, fifth-generation uilleann piper Kevin Rowsome.