Tune Poets

By Troy MacGillivray

  1. The Gates Of Troy
    Diamond Jubilee
    Ivor Scollay’s
  2. The Shelburne
  3. James Scott Skinner Welcome To Inverness
    The Glenlivet
    John MacNeill’s Highland Fling
    The Flap Of The Eagle’s Wing
    Miss Shepherd
    Davie Work
    Dr. Gordon Stables’
  4. MacArthur Library
    The Water Boiling Machine
  5. The Colours Of Cape Breton
  6. Red Gordon’s
    Rannie Graham’s
  7. Pam Campbell’s 20th Birthday
    Jamie MacInnis’ Fancy
    John Andrew’s
    Bill Lamey’s Delight
  8. Dan R.’s Favourite
    Fr. John Angus Rankin’s
    Francis Beaton’s
    Derrick Beaton’s
    A.J. And Jeanette Beaton’s
  9. Reel Du St. Front
    Cynically Stealthy
  10. Hughie MacPhee’s
    Whitcomb’s Fancy
    Christine (McCann) Gauthier’s
  11. Marble Hill
    Chums(Dougie MacDonald
    Jerry Holland)
    Francis The Miller
  12. Father J.V. Campbell’s Clog
    Christine Deagle’s Flight
    Stan Chapman’s
    Aliyah Leahy’s