Cavan Bucks

By Cavan Bucks

Added by Kenny .

  1. The Green Gowned Lass
    The Broken Pledge
    The Unknown
  2. The Landlord
  3. The Cavan Bucks
  4. Catharsis
    Missing Time
  5. The Sister’s
  6. Laughing Waters
    The Cocus
    The Conspiracy
  7. The Peacock’s Feather
    The Happy
  8. The Clare Shout
  9. The Cavan
    Apple Blossom
  10. Johnny Boyle’s
    The Blue Angel
  11. Ciaran’s
    Black Pat’s
  12. The Hunt
  13. Padraig O’Keefe’s
    The Banks Of Inverness
    The Race Classic

Two comments

Re: Cavan Bucks

Came across this recently on Claddagh’s website, so took a chance on it, and am glad I did, as I’m enjoying this music very much. “Cavan Bucks” are - Zoran Donohue [ concertina ], Barry Conaty [ flute, whistle ] and Ellen Grant [ accordion ]. They would all appear to still be in their teens, and the musical ability on display is nothing short of outstanding. The majority of tunes played here would appear to be more recent compositions, something I would normally avoid, but I would have been wrong in this case, as their choice of material is excellent.
Fintan McManus accompanies very tastefully as always on guitar and bouzouki.
Apparently the trio had an album launch at the Ennis Trad Fest last week, and will be performing at the Birmingham Trad Fest this month on Saturday 26th. I wish them all the best with their music, and strongly recommend this CD.
[ PS - 3rd reel on track #1, which is listed as “The Unknown”, from the “Ryan Collection” is the best tune I’ve heard in a while, and includes what must be the longest chromatic run of notes I’ve ever heard in a traditional tune. I will make an attempt to transcribe it, but am very impressed that Barry Conaty can play it on flute so fluently ].

Re: Cavan Bucks

I really love this cd.
Just raw talent starting to blossom.Just as Kenny was impressed with Barry Conaty’s flute playing what a mighty concertina player Zoran Donaghue is shaping up to be.