Why Us?

By NoCrows

  1. Serpent’s Head
    The Broken Pledge
  2. Metal Man
  3. Three Sisters
  4. Señora
  5. Can We Borrow The Cat?
  6. Cançó De Febrer
  7. The Monk’s Head
    The Sugarloaf
  8. Written In Sand
  9. Shine On
  10. Sleeping Giant
    Leaping Giant
  11. Why Us?
  12. A Kriek, A Croque And A Kwak, Quick!
  13. The Other Side

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Re: Why Us?

“Why Us?”, the band’s fifth CD, contains five songs and eight instrumentals, recorded in
Rían Trench’s Meadow studios in Wicklow in September 2016. The band’s most mature
recording to date includes compositions by all six members and displays the growing
presence of multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter, Ray Coen. “On this album” says Coen,
“we have tried to capture the feel of our live performances, with all six of us recording
together in one room. We believe, with Rían Trench’s help, that we have captured the essence
of NoCrows on this CD”

NoCrows are:
ANNA HOUSTON: Cello, Mandolin, Vocals
STEVE WICKHAM: Fiddle, Vocals
EDDIE LEE: Double Bass, Flute, Vocals
RAY COEN: Guitar, Fiddle, Vocals

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