Out Of The Ashes

By John Carty & Matt Molloy

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  1. The Wild Irishman
    The Grand Spey
    Billy Brocker’s
  2. The Geese In The Bog
    The King Of The Pipers
  3. The Mountain Road
    The Doon
  4. County Tyrone
    Lord Moira’s Welcome To Scotland
    The Lady’s Cup Of Tea
  5. The Humours Of Ballinafad
    The Creel Of Turf
    Gillan’s Apples
  6. Bill Black’s
    The Kildare Fancy
    The Sligo Fancy
  7. Francie Campbell’s
    Out Of The Ashes
  8. McDonagh Brothers’ Selection (Tune Set)
    The Cat That Ate The Candle
    Speed The Plough
    Gan Ainm
    Red-Haired Lass
  9. Napoleon Crossing The Alps
  10. The Green Fields Of Glentown
  11. The Glendaruel Highlanders
    The Dundee Police Pipe Band
  12. Twilight In Portroe
    The Navvy On The Line
    Seamus Tansey’s
  13. James Murray’s
    Happy To Meet, Sorry To Part
    Johnny Henry’s No 1
  14. The Black Haired Lass
    Patsy Sean Nancy 1
    Patsy Sean Nancy 2
  15. The Battering Ram
    Jim Donoghue’s

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Re: Out Of The Ashes

Matt Molloy (flute) and John Carty (fiddle) with Arty McGlynn (guitar), Noel O’Grady (bouzouki) and Brian McGrath (piano)
RR012 (2016)

The North Connaught region is well known for its traditional music, particularly fiddle and flute, so it follows the most popular duets are with the pairing of these instruments.

We met at the pub by chance one winter’s evening and over a few drinks we realised we had very similar musical tastes, particularly the music of previous generations from the locality. This mutual interest led to some exciting music sessions and a number of shows with the great Arty McGlynn on guitar. Shortly afterwards we released our first recording ‘Pathway to the Well’. Over the intervening period we’ve searched our collective memory banks, old vinyl and session tapes which we recorded many years ago or were given to us for tunes and settings popular to the area. Some of this music is included in this our second album ‘Out of the Ashes’ – a title we got from a saying of the great Johnny Watt Henry who was a night owl and liked to keep musicians late into the night. If they made an attempt to leave he would delay them by declaring ‘What hurry is on ye lads? Hold on and I’ll rake up the gríosach here and see if I can’t pull another ‘quare’ tune out of the ashes for ye, to be bringing home with ye”.

This is a salute if you like to the great men and women of the past who nurtured the tradition against all the odds…. but that’s another story!

[From: http://www.johncartymusic.com/music.asp ]

Re: Out Of The Ashes

"Out Of the Ashes" is a fine title for this CD, well rooted in TRADITION.
Buy it!!

Re: Out Of The Ashes

How have I not found this till now?? This is amazing!!! The "Green Fields of Glentown" track alone makes this album worth getting (RIP Tommy).

ID of 2 reels?

I’m trying to figure out what the names are of two of the reels on this recording, namely:

1. Third tune on track 8, in Dmix. I believe the tunes on this track are: The Cat That Ate the Candle / Speed the Plough / (third tune) / The Red-haired Lass. Is this correct?
2. The first tune on track 14, listed as the "Black-haired Lass", but I know that as a different tune here.

Thanks for your help in advance! And great recording!

Re: Out Of The Ashes

Hi Daniel - I posted the reel you’re asking about in "2" above a few years back after hearing Harry Bradley play it.
There has been one suggestion as a name, but no background provided.


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Re: Out Of The Ashes

Ah, thanks Kenny. I should have searched ABC for that tune, but I was focused more on the reel on track 8 which I still can’t find.