By Skyedance

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  1. The Spark
  2. La Gallega
  3. Till October
  4. Cat In A Bag
  5. Fite Fuaite
  6. The Iron Ring
    The Boxwood
  7. The Other Side Of Sorrow
  8. Inside The Shadows
  9. When She Drives
  10. Into The Labyrinth
  11. Ariadne’s Thread
  12. The Pentz Road
  13. Evensong

Two comments

Skyedance - Labyrinth

On the album:
- Alasdair Fraser (fiddle/viola)
- Eric Rigler (Great Highland Bagpipe/uilleann pipes/Scottish small-pipes)
- Chris Norman (wooden flute/piccolo)
- Paul Machlis (piano/organ/keyboards)
- Mick Linden (fretless bass)
- Peter Maund (percussion)

Tune info:

1) The Spark (Alasdair Fraser)
Dedicated to the memory of poet Donnie Campbell of Breakish, Skye, inventor of the gravity-defying Breakish Two-Step and the life and soul of many a great ceilidh.

2) La Gallega (Eric Rigler)
3) Till October (Mick Linden)
4) Cat in a Bag (Mick Linden)

5) Fite Fuaite (Paul Machlis)
(pronounced "fitya fooitya) is an Irish Gaelic phrase meaning "woven into and through each other."

6) The Iron Ring/ The Boxwood Reel (Chris Norman)
"The Iron Ring" draws it’s name from rings that Canadian engineers wear symbolizing professional pride and civic responsibility. The rings were originally crafted from the steel of a bridge that collapsed near Quebec City. This tune is dedicated to Arthur Norman (Chris’ father), a retired Canadian engineer, who still wears the iron ring and epitomizes the values of humility and responsibility. "The Boxwood Reel" is named for the annual flute school that Chris directs each July in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

7) The Other Side of Sorrow (Alasdair Fraser)
8) Inside the Shadows (Paul Machlis)
9) When She Drives (Mick Linden)
10) Into the Labyrinth (Alasdair Fraser)
11) Ariadnes’s Thread (Alasdair Fraser)
12) The Pentz Road (Chris Norman)
13) Evensong (Paul Machlis)