The Truckley Howl

By John Blake, Mairéad Hurley and Nathan Gourley

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“The Truckley Howl” & the musicians are:

Nathan Gourley - fiddle
Boston - ex Chulrua, the Doon Ceili Band, the Two Tap Trio, and the Máirtín de Cógáin Project

Maire’ad Hurley - concertina

John Blake - guitar, piano, flute
London - ex Téada

A promising combination of instruments and talents, I look forward to chasing up a listen. Maybe someone else has and can tell us more about this recording?

Re: The Truckley Howl

Track 11………… just posted yesterday. Excellent.

I seem to recognise the 2nd reel as more commonly known as Finbarr Dwyer’s, rather than John Dwyer’s. Could be wrong.