The Vernal Pool

By The Sprigs

  1. The Bonnie Lass O’ Bon Accord
    Gan Ainm
  2. Apples In Winter
    The Brook Lodge
    Thomas Friel’s
  3. The Donegal
    Father Kelly’s
    The Bag Of Spuds
  4. My Own Native Land (song)
  5. Leather Away The Wattle-O
    The Glenside
  6. The Flax In Bloom
    The Hunter’s House
    Tom Billy’s Speed The Plough
  7. The Munster Grass
    The Fairy Queen
    The Trumpeter
  8. Scully Casey’s
    The Hole In The Coat
    Bill Hart’s
  9. MacAlpine’s Fusiliers (song)

Two comments

The Vernal Pool

This is a fantastic album of great playing, and it is a shame that there are only the 9 tracks. Michael Reynolds (box) and Brendan Bulger (fiddle) are both extremely talented players and mesh together beautifully. The tune selection is wide ranging, and the ornamentation clean and tasteful, making for an album that seems to promote the fun in Irish music. Mike’s two songs are similarly pleasant: the first a kinder and somewhat more poignant take as the lyrics demand, while the second embraces the true rakishness of its lyrics to end the album on an uplifting and wild note. Tracks are labelled not by the tunes they contain, but by other names picked for the sets as follows:

mac alpines