Fresh Notes

By Iomar Barrett and Chris Kelly

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  1. Maureen’s Movements
    Mossie’s Moscow Madness
    Pigs Is Ris
  2. Two Paddies Reels
  3. Lisavruggy
  4. Jackie’s In Boston
    James The More
  5. Hard Town To Get Outa
    Gool Old Leny
  6. Patricia’s Patience
    Tony Treacy’s
  7. Old Ballinakill
    Killimior Curfew
  8. Chan The Man Slow
  9. Alan Kelly’s
    Ode To A Dinosaur
    Isolated On Mars
  10. Chris Real
  11. Tommy Kelly’s Compliment
    Prionsias Van Kitt
  12. Michael McGoldrick’s
    10 Litre Bucket
  13. Give It A Lash
  14. Helen Costello’s
    Martin Mulhaire’s
  15. Iomar Og
    I’m Her Uncle

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Re: Fresh Notes

Tunes are all composed by Iomar Barrett
Recorded and mixed at Abbeylands Studio Galway April 1999
Other musicians credited on the cover note are:Patricia Kelly, Martin Gavin, Evonne Fahy, Eugene Kelly and Barry Conboy.