Before Leaving

By Caoilte O’Suilleabhain

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  1. Miss McLeod’s
    Bunker Hill
    The Donegal
  2. The Coolea
    Give Me A Drink Of Water
  3. Siuil A Ruin
  4. The Dunmore Lasses
    The Clumsy Lover
    The Mountain Road
  5. Jimmy Doyle’s Favourite
    The Limerick
    Nil Fhios Agam
  6. Tico Tico
  7. Cairn’s Jig1
    Cairn’s Jig2
    The Donegal
  8. The Cil Na Marta Exile
  9. Cooley’s
  10. O’Carolan’s Draught
  11. Cuil Fada
    Johnny Doherty’s

Four comments

Before Leaving

Great box from Caoilte and superb DADGAD guitar playing by Tim Murray. Available in Australia but I don’t know about the rest of the world? Highly recommended.

Before Leaving

The guitarist is JIM not Tim Murray. Sorry for the nit-picking. He is certainly an able accompanist - if you like that style he’s probably the best. I think he uses double dropped D tuning - that is standard with the top and bottom both down to D. He’s also the accompanist for Seamus Begley and Sharon Shannon.

The First Nil Fhois Agam on track 4 is the Dunmore Lasses. Don’t know what the other one is. Track 9 “Cooley’s Reels” is Some reel I don’t know followed by Cooley’s reel and then the Wise Maid. Caoilte plays heaps of these tunes in strange keys, does anyone know whether he just does East-Clare style playing stuff in flat keys or whether he has a C/C# or other box? Actually, does anyone know if he’s BC or C#D?


Caoilte plays a b/c and a c#/d on the album before leaving. This cd can be purchased directly from caoilte by emailing