Shetland Fiddlers

By Various Artists

Added by didier .
  1. The Galley Watch
    Kail And Knockit Corn
  2. Burn O’ Weinadalittle
    Da Fashion O’ Da Deltin’ Lassies
  3. Oliver Jack
  4. Shaalds O’ Foula
    Garster’s Dream
    Da Brig
  5. Faeroe Rum
    Aandowin’ At Da Bow
    Da Forefit O’ Da Ship
  6. Come Agen You’re Welcome
    Da Black Hat
  7. Da Faery
    De’il Amang The Tailors
  8. Spence’s
    Lay De At Dee
  9. Oot And In Da Harbour
    High Road To Linton
  10. Yellow Haired Lassie
    Sleep Soond Ida Mornin’
  11. Da Crab And Da Capstan
    Haad Da Thing Ta Gibbie
  12. Wynadebla
  13. Soldier’s Joy
  14. Craw Dang Pussy
    Da Wattle O’t
  15. Gordon’s Favourite
    Da Laird O’ Gulberwick
  16. Auld Hill Grind
    Fram Ipen Him
  17. Jack Broke Da Prison Door
    Donal’ Blue
  18. Sail’er Ower Da Raftrees
    De’il Stick Da Minister
    Taste Da Green
  19. Hurlock’s
  20. Da Hamefarer’s
    Da Sixereen

Two comments

Shetland Fiddlers

Recorded in 1971 and produced in 1973 (Leader) as a vinyl.
Side A consists of the 9 first tracks, Side B of the remaining 11 tracks.
tracks 1-6, 14-20 : Da Forty Fiddlers, acc. Marjorie Smith
tracks 7-9 : The Cullivoe Traditionnal Players, leader Davie Henry
track 10 : Bobbie Jamieson and Willie Barclay Henderson
track 11 : Willie Barclay Henderson and John Henderson
track 12 : Tom Anderson and Aly Bain

Gordon’s favourite composed by Ronny Cooper
Da Laird o’ Gulberwick composed by Tom Anderson

Re: Shetland Fiddlers

I found a copy of this album while clearing out my grandparents house last weekend.

It’s of particular interest to me, as Willie Barclay Henderson was married to my great granny’s sister, and I met his son John (aka John o’ Gloop, cracking name) 12 years ago.

I’ll have to find a way to get this off the record and onto my computer.