Moving Hearts

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  1. Hiroshima Nagasaki Russian Roulette
  2. Irish Ways And Irish Laws
  3. McBride’s
  4. Before The Deluge
  5. Landlord
  6. Category
  7. Faithful Departed
  8. Lake Of Shadows
  9. No Time For Love

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Re: Moving Hearts

I’ve just been listening to this again, - released in 1981 - and it’s odd that although 2 of the subsequent albums have been posted here, nobody has posted this, their debut album, which I think far and away their best.
The band were :

Christy Moore - vocals, guitar, bodhran
Donal Lunny - bouzouki, synthesiser, vocals
Declan Sinnott - guitars, vocals
Eoghan O’Neill - bass
Brian Calnan - drums, percussion
Davy Spillane - uilleann pipes, low whistle
Keith Donald - saxophones

One of the best Irish rock bands ever.
I may be able to post some video clips from their appearance at the Leeds Folk Festival in 1982. They had 2 pipers at that time, Declan Masterson and Davy Spillane.

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Re: Moving Hearts

Thanks Kenny, an excellent album, incredible musicianship all round. Some of the tunes/breaks are at a blistering pace but it’s so well played it sounds just right…

Re: Moving Hearts

Wow, that’s some mighty piping.