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Latest offering from Dervish. I bought it today and have listened to it more times than i care to count since. Something tells me this will be in my cd player for a while yet. It will take some great cd to shift it. Absolutely brilliant.
Brian Mc Donagh(mandola, tiple), Tom Morrow(fiddle), Liam Kelly (flute, whistles, backing vocals), Cathy Jordan (vocals, bodhran, bones), Seamus O’ Dowd (vocals, acoustic & electric guitar, bodhran, harmonicas, tarabuka, bass, tiple, tambourine), Shane Mitchell (accordion), Michael Holmes (bouzouki, mandocello).

When was this released?? I had no idea they’d come out with a new album.

This was released in the last few weeks. I don’t know the exact date.


This is the album of this year or any other year for that matter.

let’s being honest it’s a rather disappointing record..Their worst… They are following Altan on the wrong side. a lack of work on the arrangements.. some useless and boring songs …

Ive not heard it yet - but any album with Tarabuka, electric guitar etc etc - is ‘warning, warning, warning’! Its so dissapointing and really follows on from Aidans post about people going weird with their music. Sorry guys - but Shame! especially because the other albums are solid gold!

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In Dervish’s defence, I don’t think the album is quite as bad as you might think from reading the sleeve notes.

They haven’t pitched over into "Another Sky" territory. Yet!

I wait to see where they go in future. I have a lot of faith in Dervish and I hope they don’t let me down.

But if they do, then they do. My loss, their loss, our loss,

I learnt track 10 off this album the other day and have to say they do it really well. Nice arrangement.

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Check out Spirit

Has anyone else bought Dervish’s new album, Spirit? It seems some people really hate it…I admit that has many more songs than usual and is a bit more contemporary…but they have an amazing sound on it. You really ought to check it out…especially track 10 "O’ Raghailligh’s Grave" which I have looked all over for the abc or dots to yet I can’t find it anywhere. If you have it, you are more than welcome to send it to me, but more importantly check this cd out…

Midsummer’s Night is better.

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This is last tune of the TInker Hill set. Dervish plays this in Eb on the recording.

the hardest part is probably the repeated b’s and d’s and also that the tune is just constant eight notes.

Flute players: you’ll have to cut out the last note of some bars to take a breath. ;)

One more thing: this tune is open to A LOT of variation. Dont play it the same way all the time. There are so many interesting things you can do with it!


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An Rogaire Dubh

On Dervish’s album "Spirit", the second track is called Jig Songs: An Rogaire Dubh/B Na Ceannabháin Bhána/ Páidín O Raifeartaí

My question: Who is the backup/male vocalist on this track?

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Re: An Rogaire Dubh

Isn’t it Seamus O’Dowd (who also plays guitar)? I don’t think he’s in the band anymore, although he’s still on their website. He wasn’t with them the last time I saw them and they didn’t mention that he was temporarily missing…

Re: An Rogaire Dubh

I am pretty sure it is Seamus O’Dowd.

Seamus, so I’ve heard, has left the band to pursue solo career.

Re: An Rogaire Dubh

Seamie is sadly no longer with Dervish but to my knowledge he has been playing with Mary McPartlan (?) for awhile. His vocals and inventive guitar work added alot to the Dervish sound, as did his first-set-closing blues jams. But, with no offense to Seamie, Dervish continues to make magical music without him.

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Re: An Rogaire Dubh

It is indeed Seámie. As well as producing Mary McPartlan’s album (and the Mayo singer-songwriter Tony Reidy’s) he’s lately been playing with Mairtín O’Connor and Cathal Hayden.

Apart from being a blisteringly good guitarist (in all manner of styles) and a mean harmonica player too, Seámie is a pretty fine fiddler, as one would rightly suspect from anybody who comes from Ballymote.

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Re: An Rogaire Dubh OT

anyone had a chance to listen to Seamus solo album?
I’m kind of curious how is it.
Last time when I’ve listen to a solo album of really famous and good guitar player I was dissapointed. 😉

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My two cents

Just ringing in on Spirit. I’m in the camp that loves it, although I’m the kind of listener who finds tunes or sets that I like and judge the album based on that - the take what you like and leave the rest philosophy. There are definitely sections I’m inclined to "leave" like the long space jam in the middle of Whelan’s jig. But there is stuff on this album that really grabs me, like Swallows Tail, and all of the third track. It’s true the shoot for the BIG sound sometimes but I find that’s part of the grab when it works. I guess it partly comes down to what you want in an album. I also have three other albums of theirs, and I don’t find this a come down or disappointment by comparison. Also, I saw them in concert last March, one of their first tours, in Barre, Vermont. They rocked; it was a great show. And they really hung out afterward and chatted and visited with the audience in the lobby of the theater. I’m a fan (can you tell?).

Got this as a christmas present today along with The Boys of Sligo. Its not a bad album really. The songs arn’t great. I’ve heard better on their other albums. But the tunes are mostly ok (except for the final set of jigs….uuuggghhh!). It’s not a gem nor their best album but there’s still some nice sets of tunes. Track 1, 2 , 3, 5, 7, 10 and 11 are all nice to thats not too bad then.

Re: Spirit

I’m very fond of Dervish’s instrumental tune set arrangements, though I think this album’s highlight are the jig songs. I’ve most definitely heard all 3 tunes played as instrumentals, but was only aware of the second having words!