Music of O’Carolan - Ireland’s Bard

By Butch Baldassari & John Mock

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  1. Young William Plunkett
    Planxty Nancy McDermott
  2. Carolan’s Concerto
  3. Eleanor Plunkett
    John Drury
  4. George Brabazon
    Morgan Magan
  5. Planxty Irwin
    John O’Connor
    Lord Inchiquin
  6. Planxty Browne
    Planxty Drew
    Planxty Mary O’Neill
  7. Blind Mary
    Sheebeg And Sheemore
  8. Carolan’s Draught
    Planxty Hewlett
  9. Fanny Power
    Baptist Johnston
  10. Catherine Nowlan

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Re: Music of O’Carolan - Ireland’s Bard

I’m enjoying this collection from Butch Baldassari who I’d always thought of as a bluegrass mandolin player.
The first track is entitled "Young William Plunkett Set" but it doesn’t name the second and third tunes in the set. I’d love to know what they are if anyone has heard this recording…?
The fifth track called "Rondo" is to be Planxty Irwin and another tune I don’t recognise intertwined.

Re: Music of O’Carolan - Ireland’s Bard

I believe the second tune in the William Plunkett set is called Planxty Nancy McDermott. I don’t think there is a third tune in this set as it just keeps repeating through Nancy McDermott.

The Rondo set consists of Planxty Irwin, John O’Connor and Lord Inchiquin.

Re: Music of O’Carolan - Ireland’s Bard

Thanks Mr White! Much appreciated.

Re: Music of O’Carolan - Ireland’s Bard

When looking on Spotify to relearn some O’Carolan tunes I’ve not played for some time, discovered loads of recordings I didn’t like, (not surprisingly, mostly, but not all on harp). Often too ‘new age celtic’ or too ‘classical’ sounding, and some simply not very well played.

So this stood out from most as played well in a very straightforward way on a variety of instruments. Just right for playing along with, and pleasant car journey listening, to get some of the lesser known tunes into my head.

I’ll try to add some of the missing tune names / links while I’m here!