Next Week

By Jean-Christophe Girard & Antoine Leclercq

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  1. The Priest In His Boots
    Out On The Road
    Next Week
  2. Gooseberry Bush
    Reel Of Mullinavat
  3. Mr. O’Connor
  4. Up In The Garret
    The Cock And The Hen
    The Night Before Larry Was Stretched
  5. Niall’s
  6. Seann Bhriogais Aig Uilleam
    Lady Margaret Stewart
  7. Breen’s
    Farewell To Tchernobyl
    John Brosnan’s
  8. September
    Josefins Dopvals
  9. Nuala’s Bonnet
    The Fair Wind
    The Tarbolton
  10. The Ghost
    The Mouse In The Kitchen
    The Coming Of Spring

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Next Week

Jean-Christophe Girard (flute, whistle)
Antoine Leclercq (guitar)
Next Week, Adèle’s, Lucie’s c. Jean-Christophe Girard
Out on the Road, The Ghost c. Liz Carroll
Mr. O’Connor c. Carolan
Return to Tchernobyl c. Michel Ferry
John Brosnan’s c. John Brosnan’s
September c. Herluf Donslund
Josefins Dopvals c. Roger Tallroth
Nuala’s Bonnet c. Joanie Madden
The Mouse in the Kitchen c. Colin Farrell
The Coming of Spring c. Paddy O’Brien
This is all about procrastination (according to the sleeve notes) !
Both are playing ITM in a french group called “ A Fig For a Kiss” and own an encyclopedic repertoire. Jean-Christophe teaches wooden flute at the Association Irlandaise de Paris and Antoine, who has been a teacher at the AIP too, plays in numerous folk groups in the Paris area. He has also recorded an album with Michel Ferry, the composer of the famous Return/Farewell to Tchernobyl.
Hear some extracts here :