Fifty Fiddle Solos

By Sean Keane

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"Sean Keane: Fifty Fiddle Solos" ~ book & CD (originally a cassette)

Publisher: Music Sales Ltd; Paperback/CD edition (1 Sept. 2001)
ISBN-10: 0711988641
ISBN-13: 978-0711988644

A useful and decent resource.

As far as Seán Keane and his bow, the best we’ve ever heard of it has never been from the other side of a microphone, on stage or in studio. We’ve had the blessing of hearing him pull in more relaxed settings where he’s nothing to prove, and it has been sublime. I wish that could be captured on a recording, but when it’s a concert/performance setting he seems to go, in our opinion and not really to our liking, a bit OTT - meaning hat to our ears he seems to try too hard and that seems to show in the listen. It is impressive, and it catches my attention as I lean forward with interest, but my feet don’t move…

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mind boggling.

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Re: Fifty Fiddle Solos

Of course, the picture above is the wrong SK, the singer and fluter (Dolores’s brother).