By Johnny Óg Connolly

  1. Sean Gannon’s
    Colm’s Happy Days
  2. The Buncrana Boy
    The Colman Kreisler Hop
  3. Waltz An Chleamhnais
  4. The Monaghan Fiddler
    The Laird Of St. Johnston
  5. Planxty Dordán
  6. Caoineadh Mhaolra Seoigh
  7. Homage To Rooney
    The Roscrea Lass
  8. In The Warm South
  9. The Summer Bride’s March
  10. Seánín’s Rambles In London Town
    Ríl Seosaimh
  11. James’ Way
  12. Caoineadh Jane Simmonds
  13. Máirseáil An Fhile Laochta
  14. The Blakes Of Mayo
  15. A Corelli
  16. Siar Go hInis Bearachain
    An tOileán Aerach

Three comments

Re: Siar

Fabulous new CD from Johnny Óg Connolly. Thoughtfully and delicately crafted music with the usual smattering of his own tunes. Accompanied alternately by the ubiquitous John Blake (how does he find the time), and Garry O’ Briain. One highlight though has to be the photo on the artwork of himself and his dad playing boxes with their wellies on, although I notice his look suspiciously clean!

Re: Siar

Has anyone written out the compositions? I can do it, but time…

Final track of waltzes

Just worked out the last track. You’d have to modify on most instruments other than box or fiddle because of the range, but well worth it!