By Jimmy Young

  1. Rip The Calico
  2. Sir William Hardie’s Waltzaurka
  3. The Warrior’s
    The Celebration
  4. Anach Cuain
  5. Plain Sailing
    Pacific Crossing
  6. Out Of The Mist
    Pacific Fling
    The Arrival
  7. Burial At Sea
    The Warrior’s
  8. Who Knows Where The Time Goes
  9. The Periwig
    Dinky Dolan’s
  10. The Braes Of Lochiel
  11. Denny’s Air

Three comments

Re: Pipeworks

I was listening to this old CD on my iPod and realised it wasn’t on this site. Jimmy Young was a highly influential musician (flute player and Northumbrian piper) on the Scottish traditional scene in the 1970’s and 80’s but became less well known when moving to New Zealand in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s. He was a great flute player and one of the loudest I have ever heard, and his Northumbrian piping was in a unique open style quite unlike the typical style of playing. This combination gave his music a tremendous ‘wildness’. He was also a founding member of The House Band and Rua.

Jimmy assembled some of the very best musicians for this album, which includes a suite dedicated to the Greenpeace vessel Rainbow Warrior (the "Warrior’s Reel/The Celebration") and it’s crew. Musicians include pipers Iain MacDonald and Iain MacInnes, plus Iain MacLeod (Shooglenifty), John Martin (The Tannahill Weavers), Billy Ross (Ossian), Denny Stanway (Rua), and Ron Shaw (cello).

It seems fitting to put this recording here as Jimmy passed away last year.

Re: Pipeworks

Correction: the suite for the Rainbow Warrior is "Burial at Sea/ Resurrection (The Warrior’s Reel)"