The Cullivoe Fiddlers

By The Cullivoe Fiddlers

  1. Da Ferry
    Da Soldiers Joy
    De’il Among Da Tailors
  2. Oliver Jack
    Da Merry Boys A Greenland
  3. Millie Gudger
  4. Ahint Da Daeks O Voe
    Lay Dee At Dee
  5. Da Headlands
    Da Gloup Lasses
  6. Sleep Soond Ida Mornin
    Speed The Plough
    Square Da Mizzen
  7. Taste Da Green
  8. The Blackthorn Stick
    Major Mackie
    Bonnie Dundee
  9. The Wind That Shakes The Barley
    Meg Mirlies
  10. Da Heids O Vigon
    Oot An In Da Harbour
    Lassie Is Da Bed Made
  11. Faroe
  12. Captain Jim Cottier
  13. Da Crab An Da Capstan
    Had Da Thing Ta Gibbie
  14. Kenmuir’s Up And Awa
    The New Riggit Ship
    Teviot Brig
  15. Da Scallowa Lasses
  16. So Early In The Morning The Sailor Loves The Bottle O
    John Spence Of Uyeasound
  17. Noostigirt

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Re: The Cullivoe Fiddlers

I noticed this album isn’t listed on here yet after finding this album: with one of their players on it (John Henderson).

Their website is still up at:, though I’m unsure if the group still exists in any current form. There is a track listing on there with some extra details about some of the tunes.