By Naragonia

  1. Lente In Laren
    Jane’s Boots
  2. Samen Op De Tractor
  3. Tout Le Temps
  4. Voor Ton En Heidrun
    Jowan’s Wals
  5. Kaspar En Stijn
    The Griselda’s
    The Chocolate Bomb
  6. So Frölich
  7. Charlotte
  8. Louis
  9. Carabel
  10. Olle’s Atelier
    Vive Greg
  11. - 17°c
  12. Coulear Canard
  13. Dansen In De Keuken
    Koffe En Chocolat

One comment

Re: Carabel

Since I posted the dots to Lente in Laren I figured I should add the album to the database.

Anchored by the duo of Toon van Mierlo and Pascale Rubens, this Belgian group’s sound firmly revolves around the accordion, with a sprinkling of pipes, fiddle, whistle, hurdy gurdy, soprano sax . . . Their playing is rich and intimate. Worth a listen.