The Anvil - A Dedication to Michael Reilly

By Marie Reilly

  1. Baltighoran
    Mother Goose
  2. The Vermont
    The Friendly Visit
  3. Jackson’s Heigh-Ho
    The White Star
  4. The Conmhaicne
  5. The Low Level
  6. Greg’s Pipes
    The London Lasses
  7. The Leitrim Clog Dance
    Gan Ainm
  8. Durang’s
    The Banks Of Lough Gowna
  9. The Silver Bells
    The Strathbrook
  10. Quadrille
    Murray’s Dream
  11. The Cedars Of Lebanon
    Michael Reilly’s
  12. The Stafford Dance
    McCoy’s Measure
  13. The Mayday
  14. Doctor Gilbert’s
    My Love Is Fair And Handsome
  15. Miss Stafford’s Fancy
    Miss Eleanor Butler’s
  16. The Gold Ring
  17. Andy McGann’s
  18. Master Fitzpatrick’s

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Re: The Anvil - A Dedication to Michael Reilly

2012 release by the Longford fiddler - - with Gabriel Donohue providing backing on an assortment of intruments, except for track 5 which has Krista Charles on piano.

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