Horses For Courses

By Brian McNeill and Tom McDonagh

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  1. The Rank Outsider
    The Black Mare
    Neck And Neck (Horses For Courses)
  2. Sunday On The Jar
  3. The Dark Island
  4. Johnny Gallagher
    Jimmy Ward’s
  5. The Snows Of France And Holland
  6. Miss Grant’s
    Danzig Willie
  7. Tripping Down The Stairs
    The Convenience
    Bleaton Gardens
  8. The Clergyman’s Lamentation
    The Last Adder
  9. Mary And The Soldier
    The Alma
  10. The Burning Of The Piper’s Hut
    The Three Chimneys
    Bonny Kate
  11. Blackwaterside (The Bonny Irish Maid)
  12. Mrs. Crotty’s
    The Shoemaker’s Daughter
    Return To Camden Town

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Re: Horses For Courses

1993 Greentrax Recordings

Brian McNeill: vocals, fiddle, viola, concertina, hurdy-gurdy, bouzouki, mandocello, mandolin, guitar.
Tom McDonagh: vocals, bouzouki, guitar, mandolin.
Dick Gaughan: vocals, guitar, guitar synthesizer.
Kieran Halpin: vocals, guitar.
Dougie Pincock: highland pipes, Scottish small pipes, whistles, bodhran, soprano sax.
Dave Tulloch: side drum.